Roadside Legal Assistance


  • How can I fight a charge of careless driving?
  • How does my insurance company determine whether I am at fault in an accident?
  • The street that I live on is in very bad shape. What can I do about it?

Like drivers everywhere, your customers and employees sometimes face complex legal issues related to automobile ownership. Whether it’s liability for an accident or a simple traffic ticket, they need a place to go for good advice to help them solve their problems.

We know what kind of trouble drivers can get into, and we understand the services that are most valuable to them when  they find themselves n a difficult legal situation. Our legal assistance team includes experienced lawyers, as well as trained operators who can be counted in a crisis. Together, they can walk you through your legal obligations, rights, and responsibilities, and refer you to trusted professional help in your area. Their expertise ensures a better customer experience each and every time.
Eligible vehicle owners who need legal advice simply call a dedicated toll-free number to request legal assistance. The intake agent will then arrange for an experienced lawyer to speak with the vehicle owner at a convenient time.

There is no time limit for telephone consultations, and the service can be used as often as needed. Similar to your Roadside Assistance program, this Legal Advisory Service will operate under your company name, and all calls will be answered using your customized corporate salutation.