membership roadside assistance

No auto club membership? No worries!

Your car is spick and span and you’ve hit the road, but you break down. We offer: jump starts, battery replacements (at an extra cost), tow truck services and help if you run out of petrol.

No membership required – just pay for what you need, when you need it!

You’ve got enough bills to worry about as it is. Throw in car costs like rego, insurances and petrol and you might start to wonder whether owning your own wheels is actually worth it.

Paying for roadside assistance services can really blow the budget, especially because most companies charge an annual membership fee (which can be up to 100€) and if you aren’t a member, will charge you up to 300€ for an instant call-out.

membership roadside assistance

How it works

If your first car is a new car (lucky you!) or you get your wheels regularly serviced by a qualified mechanic (highly recommended), then the chances of needing roadside assistance services are probably pretty low. But if you DO find yourself in a spot of bother, we offer a pay-as-you-go service where you’re only charged for a call-out if you need it.

If you’re unfortunate enough to breakdown, remember your Roadside Response is just a phone call away. No Membership needed just a credit card to secure your booking.